Blade Ideas Ltd.

Blade Ideas Ltd. offers a wide variety of services to the petrophysics industry.

Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Petrophysical Well Log Analysis and software training. Our tool of choice is GeologŪ 7, an industry-leading formation evaluation software by Paradigm.
  • Regional (RA), Resource Assessment, Recon reservoir studies. Studies in the past have ranged from several hundred wells to several thousand wells over multiple zones per well, leading to various reserve maps being created for geologic and reservoir engineering staff.

    • Identification of bypassed pay in standing and idle wells for potential re-entry.
    • Identification of pay zones for deferring shallow rights reversion back to the government.
    • Various rock face identifications for Kh permeability within identified mapable hydro-carbon (HC) pay intervals, using deterministic and probabilistic methods called Multimin, within the GeologŪ petrophysics software suite.
    • Regional studies to identify HC intervals to book reserves that can lead to additional wells drilled.
  • Data base quality control (QC) and data editing for geophysical and reservoir evaluation use.
  • Expert carbonate evaluation for identification of multiple transition zones and subtle water intervals along with secondary porosity identifications.
  • International prospect evaluation.
  • Unconventional shale gas, shale oil, and coal HC evaluation.
  • Consult in well completions and the organization of logging programs.
  • Evaluation of current drilled wells in real time, either from office with real time hook-up, or from well site.
  • Teaching petrophysical classes to industry, and industry societies, CSEG, CSPG, and CWLS.

  • Mentor, teach and guide geoscientists and engineers while working within the client facilities to demonstrate best business practices within the petrophysics domain.
  • Database management.

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Petrophysics Specialist
Petrolium Reservoir Evaluation

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Lois Decker

Geoscience Technologist
Geophysical Specialist

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